Foto Perfil

Curriculum Vitae
(1993-2002) – School “La Magdalena” in Castellón de la Plana
(2002-2008) – School “Santa María de los Rosales” in Madrid
(2008-Now) – Architecture Student at   “San Pablo CEU University”  in Madrid
(2013-14) – Master of Digital Manufacture in Architecture
(Now) – Now at PFC and “Master of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction”
Spanish. (Maternal language)
English. Fluid Level.
         Summer 2004- Catherham school in Catherham (UK)
         Summer 2005- Rodean school in Brighton (UK)
         Summer 2006- Leysin American School (Suiza)
French. (Three years at “Santa Maria de los Rosales School”)
German. (One year at “La Magdalena School”)
-Practice at Architecture Studio (JR Arquitectos)
-Dinamic Events (Catering)




(2008) – Lessons of Autocad 
(2010) – Lessons of 3D Studio
(2011) – Lessons of Cooking
(2011) – Lessons of 3D Studio and Photoshop
(2012) – Lessons of In Design, Sketch Up, Kerkythea and Artlantis
(2013-14) – Master in Digital Manufacture  (Rhino 5, Grasshopper, Adobe Premeire, Sketch Up, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, CNC ….) 
(2014) – Workshop in Hangzhou (China)
(Now) – Master in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction