Madrid Visto desde un Drone

Madrid with a Drone

Madrid is a city to discover. Its imaginary is mortgaged for being the seat of political power (logician, because is the capital). Its real images, its inhabitants, the everyday visions, the real city, are hidden and overshadowed. There are many possible outstanding views and many videos to do, today we bring one of them. The people from Madrid always say that, «from here to heaven, and in heaven, a little hole to see it,» so here we bring a dramatic video showing the streets and landmark buildings Madrid.
Cromatica 45 company, shows a reel of the Madrid City with only aerial footage (15 flights in 5 or 6 different days) from different places of the city. By using their DJI Phantom equipment they were able to flight over places where other bigger drones would have more problems.
«The possibilities of aerial videography are endless, and gradually we have learned to do more complex movements with our copter to create better recordings.» said us from Cromatica45.
The shots, which were conducted late last year, show a vision, little known, from the Gran Via, El Retiro, Moncloa, Castellana Av., … the main city streets and buildings, from unusual viewpoints. The entire assembly is accompanied by music by Thomas Newman for the movie «American Beauty».



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